Beach House Marina Topsail Island, Surf City

Beach House Marina is the best kept secret of the eastern seaboard, North Carolina's Treasure Coast --Topsail Island and the Beach House Marina.

The Beach House Marina provides it's yachtsman with convenient downtown location in the quaint and inviting coastal town of Surf City, North Carolina. They offer their boaters wet and dry slips and have plans for a complete yacht club with pool and a boat dealer.

Their secret island offers beautiful and untarnished beaches, the freshest seafood on the coast harvested from their own waters, superb inside and deep sea fishing, perfect waterways for family boating and recreation, Graveyard of the Atlantic, scuba diving, pirate lore, southern elegance and so much more.

About Topsail Island

Topsail Island is one of the eastern seaboards most coveted secrets. The island is located about 25 miles north of Wilmington, NC in the south eastern area of North Carolina. They are convenient to major roadways such as I-40, I-95, NC Hwy 50, NC Hwy 210, NC Hwy 17 and NC Hwy 172.

Their history goes back hundreds of years to the days of swashbuckling pirates plundering the local waters for riches. Topsail Island actually claims its namesake from those seafaring days of yesteryear. Legend has it that sea merchants coined the name Topsail Island as early as the 1700s because pirates loved to hide out behind the island waiting for treasure laden ships to pass. The sea merchants would watch for the tell tale sign of the "topsails" peering from behind the dunes. Legend even has it that Blackbeard the pirate buried his treasure somewhere on the island!

Today Topsail Island is comprised of three towns, the resort area of North Topsail Beach, at the center and the largest Surf City, and the quaint island village of Topsail Beach at the southern end of the island. The people who are in on their secret piece of paradise know Topsail for great seafood, clean beaches, beautiful water, the great family atmosphere and the most affordable real estate on the coast.

As a courtesy to their website visitors, whether new to the area or just "homesick" for that island living they embrace, they have designed a Topsail Island E-Tour to visit their "famous" land marks. You may also visit the Greater Topsail Island Chamber of Commerce for more information on the island itself.